Annual Kids Quran Competition

ThIn an effort to encourage the Muslim Youth of the Akron area, the Akron Masjid is hosting a Quranic Memorization Contest sponsored by the Muslim Business Community. The contest is focused on Juz Amma (#30) and all eligible kids are invited to participate.

All participants will be awarded prizes and first and second place participants in each category will be given extra special prizes to reward their excellence and effort in memorizing the Book of Allah.

General Rules:

  1. Participants must be registered

  2. The participants may only choose one category to compete.

  3. Participants will be expected to recite in front of judges and an audience

  4. The younger participants may compete against older age groups in the same category

  5. Categories are subject to change based on attendance or interest

  6. Memorization of Al-Fatiha and translation of the meaning of it is compulsory for all categories.

  7. The judges decisions are final

*Registering and participation is FREE


Founded in 1991, Akron Masjid serves the Muslim community of Akron. We perform the five daily prayers, Friday prayer services and house a weekend Islamic school for children. 


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