Founded in 1991, Akron Masjid serves the Muslim community of Akron. We perform the five daily prayers, Friday prayer services and house a weekend Islamic school for children. 


1147 Old Main Street
Akron, OH 44301

Phone: 330-374-9799


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          To ensure that each student benefits from his/her time in the Hifz program, each application is carefully evaluated by our Admissions Committee. Acceptance to the Hifz program is based on a combination of different factors including submitting the required documents, past school performance (report cards) and a successful student interview. Listed below is the process to apply for the Hifz program:


Step 1: Application Form

          Fill out and submit the application form along with the required documents. Await follow-up from admissions office.


Step 2: Student Interview and Parent Meeting

An appointment will be made with the parents. If necessary, the Admissions Committee will perform a personal interview with the applicant to determine whether an applicant meets the requirement for admission, as well as judging what level the child will be placed in.


Step 3: Tuition and Fees

If the applicant is accepted and the family wishes to enroll their child in the Hifz program, payment of the tuition and fees will be due.