What We Believe


Our vision is to inspire God consciousness, be an exemplary Muslim Community that promotes human development according to the Quran and Sunna.


  1. To establish peaceful relations with individuals and organizations which strive to promote freedom, justice, equality, dignity, and integrity.
  2. To educate the public about the religion of Islam; its teachings, history, culture, and philosophy.
  3. To improve donation through enabling investment so as to achieve sustainable financial stability

Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Our numbers are estimated at 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. Every Muslim in the world has two sources of information about Islam. One is the Quran, which is the revelation of God to his Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The other is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Sunnah (his example) is known to us through books of hadith which are documented sayings or actions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during his life.

Every Muslim believes in this 5 pillars and we are encouraged to put our religion into practice as soon as we make the decision to become Muslim. The 5 pillars are:

  1. Shahada (testifying that there is only one God and Muhammad is His messenger)
  2. Performing Salah (5 daily prayers)
  3. Giving Zakah (Charity)
  4. Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan
  5. Making Hajj (Pilgramage) to Mecca.

Although we are commanded to do all 5 of these actions only two are mandatory: Shahada and Salah must be done without question. Charity can only be done if you can afford to do so, Hajj can only be done if you can afford to do so and Ramadan can only be participated in if you are healthy enough to participate in the fasting.