Ramadan Fundraising Dinner

Akron Masjid cordially invites you to our annual Ramadan Fundraising Dinner!

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Ramadan Dinner Event



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Ramadan Mubarak

Tomorrow June 18th 2015 will be the first day of Ramadan InshAllah.
Taraweeh Prayers will start tonight June 17th after Isha.


Udhiya 2016

Arrangements for Qurbani (Udhiya) can be made by contacting Br. Kaleem @ (330) 606-3544


Eid-al-Fitr Prayers: 8:00am & 10:00am 07/06/2016 or 07/07/2016

Assalaamu Alaikum! Following the Islamic Society of North America, ISAK will celebrate Eid on Wednesday, July 06 or July 07, INSHA’ALLAH. We will observe the Eid prayers in two separate sessions: 8:00 am (outdoor soccer field) and 10:00 am (inside the community center). In case of inclement weather, the first prayer will be held indoors as well. Please carpool and plan…

Friday Announcements


Apr 22nd 2016

Please donate generously towards the Masjid external face lift project. Estimated cost $10,000. Some of the materials including tiles have already been purchased.


Nov 2nd 2012

Reminder: InshaAllah tomorrow at 6pm we will have the Eid Community Dinner at Akron Masjid. Please join the community for celebrations.

Akron Masjid would like to thank everyone who participated in the Udhiya (Eid Sacrifice) program this year – JazakAllah.


Oct 19th 2012

InshaAllah Akron Masjid in conjunction with ISAK & Br. Raed will be offering Udhiya on behalf of those who cannot. The meat will be distributed to the needy within the community. Based on the preference of the community a cow will most likely be offered. Please signup at Akron Masjid if you wish to receive…